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Open4Listing is a free and open source solution for the creation of listings websites. Developed mainly for Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Real Estate Professionals, Open4Listing is also used in other fields of activity, such as Auto Parts Listings, Heavy Industry Machinery Sales or Short Term Accommodation Rentals.

Open4Listing is powered by PHP and MySQL and was created by INFO CITY SRL, the company which developed several free online listing portals for European and North American Markets (,

The software is SEO-friendly, AD free and can easily be modified to meet users needs. With Open4Listing you can easily change colors, themes, implement a business logo or create categories and subcategories. To change any of these, follow the instructions on, sections Tips and Tricks and How To.

Open4Listing is a free and open source software licensed under version 3 of the G.N.U. General Public License.

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Download Open4Listing version 1.1

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Installing Open4Listing for Dummies

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General Settings

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Resize your Images

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Upload Your Logo

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Shared Webhosting Recommendations

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Open4Listing: open source listing management solution for real estate websites